AmberGen pioneers new Bead Array Mass Spectrometry Technology (Bead-AMS™) and is awarded 3 U.S. patents providing broad coverage

Paper published in Nature’s Scientific Reports “Proteome-wide drug screening using mass spectrometric imaging of bead-arrays” describing drug-discovery application of Bead-AMS™ including detection of on- and off-target drug binding

AmberGen receives US Patent 9,334,530 for its Bead-AMS™ technology describing synchronization of mass spectrometric and fluorescence images of mass-tagged bead arrays

Paper published in Liver International “Anti-Kelch-like 12 and Anti-Hexokinase 1: Novel Autoantibodies in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis” resulting from a collaboration between AmberGen, INOVA Diagnostics and MGH

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,906,700 providing broad coverage on PC-PURE™ technology for biomarker isolation and use in highly sensitive and quantitative assays

AmberGen and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) are awarded US Patent 8,852,956 for two new diagnostic autoantigen biomarkers for the autoimmune liver disease Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC)

Paper published in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry “Correlated matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and fluorescent imaging of photocleavable peptide-coded random bead-arrays” describing proteomic applications of Bead-AMS™

Paper published in Journal of Immunological Methods “Multiplexed VeraCode bead-based serological immunoassay for colorectal cancer” detailing the development of a serological assay for colorectal cancer biomarkers based on the novel use of the VeraCode™ multiplex bead assay system