Dr. Heather Ostendorff

Project Leader, Clinical Diagnostics

Dr. Heather Ostendorff, Project Leader, Clinical Diagnostics. Dr. Ostendorff received her degree from the Center of Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg, University of Hamburg, Germany, where she studied protein degradation pathways. Dr. Ostendorff joined AmberGen in 2008 as a Senior Scientist. Her work was instrumental in the successful discovery and validation of two novel autoantigens for primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). She also helped pioneer the adaptation of holographic micro-bead technology for diagnostic immunoassay applications including the blood-based detection of colorectal cancer. In her current role as Project Leader for Clinical Diagnostics, she is developing and validating diagnostic immunoassays using AmberGen’s PC-PURE™  technology including a multiplexed in vitro pediatric allergy test.