Paper published in Journal of Immunological Methods “Multiplexed VeraCode bead-based serological immunoassay for colorectal cancer” detailing the development of a serological assay for colorectal cancer biomarkers based on the novel use of the VeraCode™ multiplex bead assay system

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,481,263 for creating self-assembled bead-protein libraries by solid-phase PCR and nascent protein expression

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,288,098 for a novel method of DNA sequencing using nucleotides having cleavable detectable labels

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,278,045 for detecting chain truncation mutations which cause breast and colorectal cancer

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,148,062 for detecting disease causing genetic mutations such as breast and colorectal cancer using affinity tags in translated nascent proteins

AmberGen awarded 3-year Phase II SBIR grant for discovery of tumor autoantigen biomarkers using Bead-AMS™ proteomic array technology

AmberGen and Massachusetts General Hospital license the use of two novel autoantigen biomarkers for autoimmune liver disease to INOVA Diagnostics