AmberGen receives US Patent 9,910,034 increasing its broad coverage on PC-PURE™ photo-affinity biomarker purification and enrichment technology for improving the accuracy of diagnostic testing

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Paper published in PLOS ONE in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital “Photocleavage-based affinity purification of biomarkers from serum: Application to multiplex allergy testing” describing application of AmberGen’s PC-PURE™ to highly multiplex in vitro allergy testing (AllerBead™)

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AmberGen acquires a new state-of-the-art Bruker rapifleX™ MALDI mass spectrometer for ultra-fast and high resolution mass spectrometry imaging of its Bead-AMS™ proteomic bead-arrays

AmberGen awarded two US Patents (9,513,285 and 9,523,680) providing broad coverage for its Bead-AMS™ technologies

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AmberGen pioneers new Bead Array Mass Spectrometry Technology (Bead-AMS™) and is awarded 3 U.S. patents providing broad coverage

Paper published in Nature’s Scientific Reports “Proteome-wide drug screening using mass spectrometric imaging of bead-arrays” describing drug-discovery application of Bead-AMS™ including detection of on- and off-target drug binding

AmberGen receives US Patent 9,334,530 for its Bead-AMS™ technology describing synchronization of mass spectrometric and fluorescence images of mass-tagged bead arrays

Paper published in Liver International “Anti-Kelch-like 12 and Anti-Hexokinase 1: Novel Autoantibodies in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis” resulting from a collaboration between AmberGen, INOVA Diagnostics and MGH

AmberGen receives US Patent 8,906,700 providing broad coverage on PC-PURE™ technology for biomarker isolation and use in highly sensitive and quantitative assays