Miralys™ Photocleavable Mass-tag Tissue Imaging Probes


Mass spectrometric color image of human tonsil tissue produced using highly multiplex MALDI-IHC.
The mass spectrum shown is a superposition of spectra from seven selected pixels in the image.

A New Technology for Spatial Biology Imaging

Multiplex. Capable of  100+ biomarkers.  Single scan, no cycling. Every probe has a unique tag.

Multimodal. One sample → results from many imaging modalities.

Multiomic. One workflow→ Small molecules,  intact proteins and other macromolecules, and glycosylation.

Easy Workflow.  No conjugation. One staining step. No metal tags.

Familiar Methods. Leverages traditional MSI and IHC methods and equipment.

Fast. Image entire slide in 40 min. Drill down to ROIs at higher res.

Reliable Platform. Developed using mass spectrometers from Bruker.

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